Surefire Ways to Keep Your Skin Looking Beautiful

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Beautiful skin doesn’t just happen, it takes a regular skincare beauty regimen to maintain beautiful skin that looks youthful and glowing. Climate conditions, the foods you eat as well as how well you clean and moisturize your skin are all factors that can determine whether or not your skin stays beautiful. Here are some helpful rules to follow in order to main beautiful looking skin no matter what your age.Drink plenty of water throughout the day rather than soft drinks, coffee or alcoholic beverages because skin loves to be hydrated. By drinking at least eight glasses of water daily, your skin retains a soft and healthy appearance. Keeping skin clean is another important step in a beautiful skin regimen because if daily make-up, dirt and pollution aren’t removed, skin irritations, pimples and blackheads can crop up. Never retire for the evening without first removing make-up with a gentle cleanser and rinsing your face with warm water.

Showering or bathing once a day is a good habit for your skin overall, how to maintain beautiful skin but be sure to moisturize your face, hands, arms and legs after drying with a soft towel. Never shower in very hot water because this can quickly dry out delicate skin cells. When rinsing cleansers and lotions from skin, make the final rinse cool water to seal your pores. After washing just your face before applying make-up for the day ahead, be certain not to skip moisturizing your skin before every application. Soap can have a certain drying affect on the skin, so consider switching to a brand with no chemicals or use a skin cleanser specifically designed to hydrate the skin.

If the air in your home is dry, try adding a humidifier to the living room or at least the bedroom so that your skin won’t look rough and dry. When planning to be out of doors, use a moisturizer with a sunscreen to protect your skin from harmful UV rays and minimize the danger of skin cancer. Certain areas of skin on your body are more delicate than others and that includes the lips. Always wear lip gloss or some type of sunscreen to protect these delicate tissues which can easily chap.

The foods you eat will be reflected in the quality of your skin, so to keep your skin looking beautiful, eat a well balanced menu, incorporating as many fresh and seasonal food items into your diet rather than chowing down on junk foods, fast foods and foods entirely composed of chemical ingredients.

I’m a fashion photography student and I have a project to create a short beauty advert which includes a female model.
I’m not very experienced with video editing but I’m experienced when it comes to image editing in Photoshop so, I just wanted to know if there’s a way to smooth skin like you can when using Photoshop, when editing videos? Oh and does anyone know any good video editing software?

Any tips and advice is welcome!
Thanks smooth skin

If you have PS CS6 or an extended earlier version you also have Adobe Premier as it’s built in. You can open Premier inside PS and ALL the tools including Layers and Layer Masks, Filters, Adjustment Layers etc. are available on all frames or selected frames within your video. So all your experience in PS can be applied to video.